Any Smart Home enthusiast in here?

{Gene} on October 10, 2018

I am starting to work on a new project for a Smart Home UI and I was considering streaming live my coding sessions for a couple of reasons: to ... [Read Full]
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I'm going fairly simple at the start. Hopefully, I will expand later! I have just bought a house (literally a week ago) and so far I've introduced:

  • Phillips Hue White Bulbs
  • Tado (awaiting purchase of it, but I'm going to get it) smart heating
  • Google Home
  • 2x Google Home Minis.
  • Raspberry Pi MagicMirror (awaiting construction).

I may expand to include smart locks/doorbells, thermostatic controlled radiators (by Tado), etc.


Cool stuff,

beside voice control, what are you using as a control panel?
Do you like the idea of a customizable dashboard where to control every thing from one place?
Something like the new Google Home Hub, just web based and accessible from any tablet and smartphone in the house.


I was thinking about it, and I wasn't entirely sure. I think I'd need to get everything set up and use it before I could really make an informed decision.

A customisable dashboard, just like your HomeGenie does look incredibly useful if you had a lot to control and multiple ways to control it just as you suggested. But I would have to figure out how I'd use it though.

I will be keeping an eye on your work though!


I did a write-up about a small project I did a while back. With a Raspberry Pi and smart plugs, I set up voice-activated lights for my daughter, who can't reach the light switch.

Edit: should probably mention that I'm using Google Assistant for the voice control.


I am interested in how to do web app to multiple device controllers, more for the manufacturing environment than for the home. Where I work we have a lot of legacy PLC/scale/barcode applications, most of them written in VB6 and running on the manufacturing floor on old desktop PC's. One of our goals is to replace these with lighter weight computers, maybe PI's, and make as much as we can microservice and web based.


I have Alexa + Hue bulbs and I’ve been very gradually writing my own home OS of sorts. I’m pretty sure I could code up a really nice experience but I haven’t had the motivation to finish!


I'd be interested in videos on how you would install or code a UI for Smart Home.

I'm a coding newbie and have a basic smart home with Philips Hue, activated by Alexa, as well as a simple flask server that asks my karotz (if anyone remembers them) karotz to tell me the weather and tube line status. I also have a couple of X10 motion sensors that I don't know what to do with.

I don't even know where to start on the UI front so would be interested to see how you would approach it.


Glad to see some feedback on this.

In the meantime I already started to write the code base for this Smart Home Dashboard and I'll probably put this on GitHub soon.

Currently I am designing a generic "switch/light" component featuring: level and color control, on/off delay, scheduling, energy metering with statistics and real time graph.

There will be an abstraction layer to provide a common entry point for interfacing the component with different vendors and API.

I will initially provide examples for interfacing it with HomeGenie and Philips Hue.

Once I get this done, I will have to face my kinda introvert self, before I can actually start the live coding sessions =)

Keep you posted.


I'd be interested.. I'm just starting off in software development and smart homes is a sector i'd like to be apart of.


Could be fun! I have Phillips hue and a couple nest cameras. Live streaming code is fun, I’d totally tune in and maybe even collaborate!

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