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It happens to me as well. Wonder if most of them are fake since I received nearly no feedback, but just follows.
It also happen to get a few ♡♡♡ right after posting a new article.
There must be lot of automated stuff behind this, I guess this is to make the platform more appealing, to engage people more. But if so, it's really something I dislike about Dev.To.
Ok.. this happens everywhere when it comes to show numbers or stars, but please not here, because I liked this platform so far =)


Likewise. If this was a forum for non-devs or non-superusers, this trick could have been pulled off. As devs, we have to wonder what is going on. I enjoy the welcoming feeling and freedom to post just about anything that brings, and it'd a shame if the powers that be keep nudging it towards the ideals of Facebook.


I've noticed a handful of admin accounts automatically like every post shortly after it goes up. It seems to serve a couple of purposes: ensuring no post goes entirely unloved and helping keep the implicit value of likes as social capital down (along with the lack of aggregate rep counts and leaderboards like older webfora used to have), both good things imo.

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