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Ok I'm guilty too, but I wanted to try using a few. Then I realized it was mainly for my own amusement of that very moment. Gifs don't make a content better they can rather make it worse if misused. They are good and efficient for short messaging though.


They're wonderful for conveying emotion when text won't suffice, I couldn't agree more.

I'm glad to hear your take on it, I hadn't considered it was for the writers enjoyment.


Text will always suffice.



Yeah but perhaps it's me, I don't know how to use them =D seriously!
Being a net citizen since the 90's makes me a bit uncomfortable and unused to these modern "emoticons". I was already fine with 8 bit fonts (= smileys.

Oooohhh boy... Old school emotes lol. Those were the days.

Funny enough I found myself in the same position about a year or two ago when I started using Discord. I felt like an old man not being able to keep up with all the gif reactions and custom emoji, it was overwhelming at first. After some time, I feel you'll get the hang of it though 😊

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