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Have you ever tried remote jobs? I am unable to find a remote-job, no matter how many interviews I take.
Any hint?


Indeed, it is difficult for many to start into the remote atmosphere. Here's my advice:

  1. Even if it says "previous remote experience required" - still apply
  2. During the interview, express how you can and will be productive, often times it may be beneficial to show the interviewer your office, ensuring them you have a space ready that is well setup
  3. If and when you feel the conversation starting to die off, try to get the interviewer to talk about their infrastructure. The best management skill you can have is to make every question they have into a question back to them, for example:

interviewer: "Can you tell me about your skillset? What stack are you familiar with?"

you: "I'm familiar with [....], what is the team familiar with? I love learning and subsequently sharing my knowledge, so I'm upmost interested in what you're already running with, and seeing where I'll fit in the team"

Now, do this within reason, I've found it's best to ask open-ended questions, so the conversation doesn't close out quickly.

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