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re: Thank you, Gene. I never thought about this tutorial helping get started with React, but I'm glad it is useful in that sense. Lately, I've been th...

This is my first React test:

=) see the RenderTest.js class file.

I used a starter project found on Glitch.
Would you suggest any other good starter project for React?

If you're looking for a boilerplate, I would recommend Create React App because it is widely used on so many projects. Personally, I don't use a boilerplate as building something from scratch doesn't take that long and you have complete control over stuff.

Here's an article I had written that might be useful (although, nowadays I prefer using Parcel instead of Webpack): How to build your own React Boilerplate. I'm planning on doing a video around that too.

Anyway, it's hard to find the ideal starter project. I have yet to find one that I loved 100%.

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