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re: P.S. Here's the snippet from your library source, is it not? /** * ZxQuery, a very lite subset of jQuery-like functions * internally used in Z...

Maybe you did not copy and paste jQuery source as is, but you definitely did copy its API and design decisions

I'm sorry, but it's true. Their code evolved, but your library's code snapshotted an older, less performant version.

Back to attack? =) I did not copy at all.
Using method chaining and fluent API is a design pattern and choice, and anyway that's not a jQuery only prerogative.

Picking up similar methods name to jQuery is because I liked it and because it could also be familiar to many others, also names are similar all over many different APIs.

But I did avoid to implement methods that are already present in modern JavaScript/DOM API.
It's all explained in zUIx.js website. No secret.

Anyway thank you for pointing to this each issue, if you want you can make a pull request =) I will be glad to merge it.

Also if you want to talk about performance you are still invited to a code challenge. I will be glad to learn whenever there's something good to learn. And you? =))

But I did avoid to implement methods that are already present in modern JavaScript/DOM API.

Like Array.prototype.forEach over an Array of DOM elements for example?

Anyway, I wish you the best of luck with your framework, hopefully you'll get appreciated by the DEV.TO and Glitch communities. Try A-Frame, it's similar in nature with respect to quickly snapping together low-fi prototypes, it may be the next big thing and our modern approaches to functional and declarative data flow and UI state management will be obsoleted by agent-like components that interact with each other.

I have to sign off to get back to software engineering.

Oh, I understand =) and I guess they do pay you for things like this too ;) perhaps you're better at this arguing than coding and engineering =P

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