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My bro' was buying video games magazines in 1983 and one year later we were copying BASIC code listings from those magazines on a Vic=20.

In turn one was reading out loud, the other typing... very slowly.

It could have taken hours to copy the listing and hours to fix errors.

Initially we didn't have any media to store the work, so you can imagine what a pain every time there was a black out =/ =)

Then we got a tape recorder and we used to steal old jazz music tapes from our dad to save and exchange programs and games with other friends.

I don't remember my very first project. Probably a "master mind" game for the C=64 a few years later.

I still keep my first games (cartridges) along with all magazines, a Pong TV game (1978 I think), a Vic=20, a C=64 and an Amiga 4000 =)

Vic=20 cartridges

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