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zuixjs / zuix

zUIx is a JavaScript library for creating component-based websites and web apps.

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A lightweight JavaScript library to support you in creating amazing component-based websites and applications.


  • WebFlix Web app template inspired to Netflix mobile app (PWA)
  • HTML-PWA Web app template of a modern mobile app, made with just HTML, CSS, JavaScript (PWA)
  • Web Book Web app template of a web book, suitable for reading but not only (PWA)
  • z-Kit reusable components for modern web
  • TodoMVC the classic To-Do MVC application
  • Hacker News Reader example web app using list_view component with progressive/lazy loading

Online Playgrounds

Getting Started

Start using zUIx with the zUIx Web Starter project or start from scratch by including it in your project using one of the methods described below.

Local copy

Download and copy the .js file to your project folder and include it in your HTML page:

zuix.js is a new library for modular and component-based web development.

You can contribute by start using it and sharing your thoughts about it. Constructive critics are also appreciated =)

Getting started with it only requires basic HTML/CSS/JavaScript knowledge and nothing else.


WebFlix - Netflix app clone
HTML-PWA - A generic purpose app template
zKit - a collection of ready to use components

If you need help you can contact me at any time I'll be glad to give you all the support and guidance you might need to get started also by writing code for you =)

How to reach me:



No one should choose it.
I mean, it's really subjective if you feel comfortable with a product rather than another one.
So I think that one might give it a try and then eventually decide what to do with it.
Did you had any chance to try zuix.js?

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