Netflix clone web app template (PWA)

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I've spent some time in the last two days developing a new web app template and I wanted to share it here.

Source code and documentation are as usual available on GitHub:

zuixjs / zuix-web-flix

Netflix app clone as a progressive web app template


A Progressive Web App template inspired by Netflix mobile app.

This template is built with just HTML, JavaScript and CSS so that it can be eventually integrated with your favourite development environment and build tools.


  • Design inspired to Netflix mobile app
  • Modular and component-based structure using zUIx.js
  • In-browser bundler: can pack all resources in a single file and boost-up loading speed
  • PWA LightHouse score 100/100 (!)

LightHouse Report

Demo Website

How to use this template

The ./source folder contains the development version of the website, while the ./docs folder the production bundled version.

Basic usage

If you have Node.js installed, for a quick setup you can use the integrated web server which will serve files from the ./source folder Install the development dependencies with npm install and then start the web server:

npm start

If you don't want to use the integrated web server, you can setup any other…

and here is the LIVE DEMO.

So, I hope you like this template and if you have a suggestion for improving it or for what I should make next, please feel free to leave a comment =)

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