Any idea how to start blogging as a developer?

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Hi everyone! Good day to all of you.

I am planning to create my own blog about programming. Creating blogs about difficult stuff that I have encountered during my development days. The problem is I am not a good writer and I don't know how to explain well using English language.

Do you have any idea or recommendations on how and what to blog as a developer? There are a lot of programming blogs nowadays and I want mine to be unique. I'm still thinking but maybe someone of you here can help me. Thank you.

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There are a lot of programming blogs nowadays and I want mine to be unique.

Remember, your perspective is unique. There are plenty of businesses that do essentially the same thing, but some businesses fit better for some people. It's the same with blogging.

I write about accessibility and there are TONS of people who write on that. However, I bring a new perspective to the table. There is room for your writing :)


What is the reason you write the blog for and who is your audience?

The main reason I would start a blog - but I am far too lazy for that - is to do some kind of bookkeeping (how did I solve what type of problem).
So, the reason for me would be: a reminder. And the audience would be myself. The only reason I would do this kind of bookkeeping in public is, that perhaps someone finds it useful. But that would be more of an sideeffect than my intention.

Perhaps this would be a good starting point for you too.

If you write for yourself

  • nobody else cares, how good of a writer you are
  • if you aren't good in english, write your blog in your native tongue
  • you do not need recommendations on what to write, because your personal interest guides you
  • your blog is already as unique as it could be: it's your personal voice about your personal topics with your unique experiences.

If you feel the urge to write for yourself: what holds you back?

If you want to write in order to impress others, I am not sure whether that will be a good starting point.


It sounds like your concerned about your writing style, so I'd like to address that point. If you aren't sure what to write about or how to structure your thoughts, I wrote a blog post about it recently.

Grab a copy of The Elements of Style. Keep it on your desk. It's the definitive guide to clear writing style.

There are also tools that can help you clean up your prose. Check out Hemingway for Mac and the Grammarly browser plugin. They can help spot check your work.

Other advice I'd give is to write first drafts without worrying about how good they are, then editing and re-writing them. That will help keep you moving.

Beyond that writing is like any other skill: practice, practice, practice.


I came here to recommend Grammarly and Hemingway as well! These two apps/extensions have made a huge difference in my writing.


Hi Mervin,

First of all, Congrats on taking the first step.

Absolutely read the article shared by Ali Spittel in the comments. You can find more posts on how to write by following tag writing.

Don't worry about your command of the language. You will learn a lot through writing. You could also try grammarly to verify your spelling and grammar. I still use free account which is good enough for my purposes.


Well, I wish I could come up with some advice for you, because i could use it myself ;). Although I really want to write regularly, I have some kind of writer's block. At the moment, I'm collecting ideas, but I don't get a single damned article into a form that I could send out with good conscience...

So at the very least I can offer you the comfort, that you are not the only one who is struggling. And on a somewhat more helpful note, @jess has compiled a cool meta-post, which might lead you to some more articles on dev that could be of interest to you:


Trust me, there are a lot of native English speakers who can barely put together a coherent email. So don't worry too much about that. If you're really concerned about how an English-language post reads, run the draft past a friendly native speaker first.

I usually blog about how I've solved problems, things I want to remember for future use, or I'll write a tutorial to learn something I'm interested in.


Yes! Thanks for asking, here are my two cents.

Initially every time I struggle to do something, or find some interesting problem at work or while developing my pet projects, I usually write a blog post about it.

Many times, after reviewing many sources, I end up with writing the kind of gentle explanation that I would like to find in the first place.

As time goes by and I gain more experience, I came up with the realization that I can solve my problems with software. So if I find something that is missing I tend to blog about that too.

Initially I wanted to post on every platform. Now I switched to only post things on DEV only because it is quite developer friendly.

You don't have to be perfect, you just need to be constant.



Do you have any idea or recommendations on how and what to blog as a developer?

Seeing that you stated:

The problem is I am not a good writer and I don't know how to explain well using English language.

There are a lot of programming blogs nowadays and I want mine to be unique.

How about filling in a niche and write it in Tagalog/Cebuano? That should hit two birds with one stone. You get to use your native tongue while providing a relatively unique content.


hey! here are my tips for getting started -- there's no need to be 100% unique, you have your own take on things!!

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