How do you manage projects?

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Hello all!

For those of you that freelance, I'm interested in finding out what tools and services you use for managing your freelancing. How do you manage clients, projects and billing?

Comment below and get a discussion going :)

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Can't live without Notion to keep track of tasks (and light CRM usage). Using GitHub and Drive to manage files. I'm based in The Netherlands, we have Moneybird for billing and doing taxes.


Notion seems like Confluence at a first glance, are they similar?

And the integrated CRM looks very good, in the hands of a technical person I think it can do wonders in the management of a small company. Although I think CRM is a strong word, I don't see the reports, filters, views etc.

I would have 2 restraints before using it, one is that I don't trust that the company will survive in the next 2-3years (never heard of it), and two if you hit the limits it will be hard to move to a different tool (unlike a spreadsheet or a wiki which are more standardized).


It's the same idea as Confluence but I would argue that Notion has more building blocks, it's highly customizable. It's been around for quite some time now and has pretty large user base.

As far as CRM features, there database blocks look 'simple' at first glance but you can customize them to fit your needs. They also just added dabatase relations and rollups.

I see thank, so is more like, Ill check them up when times come.


I'm not there yet (to work with multiple customers), but I've put my eyes on Toggle for time&billing.

As for management probably I would need something more advanced than Trello, that I use now for small and side learning projects.


I use Ora to manage projects & tasks, as well as Notion for small CRM and notes etc, and then Wave for billing & accounts. Gitlab and drive for projects and file storage respectively.


If you want an Agile tool that would get all project management things done for you, is simple to use, and very powerful (this requires careful thinking to be put into it and a TON of reading on Project Management Principles) is Trello
For customers, you can create multiple boards and manage it from there.

You can also look at the other options (may be paid):

  1. Atlassian JIRA
  2. Basecamp Free Desktop Softwares (for building Gantt charts):
  3. LibreProject

Really good, self hosted project:

  1. DotProject (PHP based, development abandoned)

For billing:
Unfortunately, I have limited exposure to these type of tools, but, I would think, plain old Excel. ;-)


For personal management,I would advise Extreme Programming from Kent Beck

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