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I ironically disagree with both positions.

It's not possible to have a field, let alone one as critical to the modern world as IT not be linked to politics. Keeping things as civil and fact based as possible yes but not having politics involved is generally not realistic and imo outright wrong. Racism slavery and their enduring legacy is unfortunately a thing and it's not possible or correct to ignore.

As for the Master/Slave thing I understand how this can be an issue for people. However I don't think that it's meant to be degrading to the user or the devs but to describe the interaction between the components it refers to. It could be renamed and if it helps people and it's not confusing I wouldn't mind. but I honestly think that this is exagurating and reading too much into these things

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I respectfully disagree with your disagreement.

Being a professional means that you need to remove all your emotions, beliefs, opinions and everything else that might disturb your professional work. You are no longer a professional if you complain to me that the word master is slavery related, or the word blacklist is racist or or or...Sooner or later, things are gonna go out of hand, and you should know this if you are a human being living in this world, you SHOULD know that people are gonna things to RIDICULOUS levels. The master word is good proof that the ridiculousness is already reached.


I think that asking people to just check their emotions opinions and beliefs at the door for 8 hours a day is asking too much. ( in the case of religious beliefs that might be actually impossible )

From my personal view the bar for professionalism is being able to raise the issue in a reasoned and calm manner. Throwing a tantrum is unprofessional, raising an objection about something and having a discussion is ok. I fully expect people to have ridiculous requests. I work in IT after all, ridiculous requests is what I call all the emails from management :P ! But joking aside if something is extreme it should be shot down.

As I said I don't personally agree with the entire master/slave controversy (and just don't understand the blacklist thing as it's not related to slavery as far as I know) but the question that I judge it by is this: Does it cause harm-confusion to change? And is so how does this stack up against the discomfort to the people raising the issue. For me the answer in this case is a solid meh and a shrug. I don't care what we call them anywhere near enough to draw a line in the sand over the change.

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