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The path to Version 1.0

There's been a lot of work and discussions happening at GetCandy HQ and it is about time we shared our plans with everyone.

GetCandy started out as an e-commerce API. We wanted to be able to power modern PWA storefronts and mobile apps etc. However, it became more apparent as we progressed the project that many would want to use GetCandy to create more traditional Laravel e-commerce solutions and an API didn't really solve that.

So we decided that GetCandy must be able to be used internally within Laravel, as well as via the API. This challenge was solved by moving to Laravel Actions. We had previously created something similar ourselves, but Laravel Actions gave much more functionality and enabled us to create an interface to GetCandy both at a code level and also API level. The perfect solution for our project.

We are now working as fast as we can to get v1.0 into everyone's hands. You can follow our progress on the develop branch

Version 1.0 will include lots of updates, the most noteworthy being...

  • Support for Laravel 8
  • Support for Elasticsearch 7.*
  • Search being driver-based (so you don't need to use Elasticsearch)
  • All API endpoints fully unit tested
  • New comprehensive documentation

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