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Discussion on: Exploring Language, Sarcasm, and Bias in Artificial Intelligence

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Ghost • Edited on

I wonder about bias, which swapwn sexism, racism, etc. I'm afraid those are human traits; we are wired to be afraid of the unknown and if I'm mostly surounded by one race I'll probably will in some level feel more threated for other races, if all my experiences lean to one or other disposition to the opposite sex the same thing.

Acting without racism o sexism or other *isms is, to me about, what we want to be and become not necessarily what we are or even what we are wired to do; overweight problems are probably a evolutive vestigue that used to save our lives, but as the world changes faster than us through evolution, we have to "force" us to evolve with our big brains, ML learns from what we are and show not what we want to be, maybe...

People talk about prejudice like something wrong, but is just a quick assesment from an incomplete set of information, is not bad, is necessary; the problem comes from being lazy and stay happy with that incomplete data and not keep updating the mental picture/opinion with new information; if I get scared for the appearance of some guy on the street, that's fine, is survival instinct, but if he didn't mug you, make sure you take note of that so the next time you check for better indicators, prejudice is not a bad thing is just the effect of pour data. When I was a kid I played alone and was afraid of people, then I went to a only boys school so guys stop scaring me big girls kept scary, and then in college I met girls and that scare went away, well..., most of it.

Imperfect data gives imperfect results and machines just reflet what the see and with their speed amplify everything. We suck, they just suck a lot faster. Our evolutive vestiges at 100000x the rate. We are scared of Skynet when maybe will end up with a Super Mega Al Bundy.

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AmberJ Author

Thanks for sharing your perspective Roberto. Its important to hear all these stories so we know where we come from and where we want to go!