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Discussion on: Everyone should get a Raspberry Pi!!

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I also have this kind of HW as:

1) secondary backup, an easy to setup backup rig, just add an external USB drive or even a thumb drive large enough and you can have an extra backup little server.

2) secondary git server, every time I push to my local repo I also push it to my trusty RPi.

Keep in mind that this boards usually consume less than 10W (5V and at least the Beaglebone Black and RPi never eats more than 1A sustained) of course you have to add any extra peripherals.

And I haven't tried yet but you can also:

  • Download the whole or part of wikipedia and put it on a RPi so even if you get disconnected you at least will have wikipedia.

  • Use it as a cheap honeypot (if you don't know what it is you probably don't need it)

  • Give it to your tech interested kid, is cheap and works at 5V so s(he) is safe and can play with SW or HW with it, I would have love one when younger. And Linux have a lot of educational SW, from interactive periodic tables, drawing SW, math, astronomy SW, all needed for the homework.

  • Learn easily about networking and cluster computing, you can cheaply make a respectable network.

  • Emulate almost any old console, MAME, etc.

  • And of course you can use it as a fancy Arduino, that you can program easily with Python.

Sorry about the length of my posts but I got exited :D