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Discussion on: Linux Vs Windows - Why Linux Is Better For Programming & Web Dev (A newbie experience)

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What annoys me the most, is you can brick your system (most likely
your desktop environment, some firmware or kernel stuff) so easy on Linux.

How?, unless you are tweaking the kernel not knowing what you are doing, how?

To magically get a kernel panic you would have to:

1) remove your bootloader: you still could boot from a liveusb and reinstall it.
2) manually compiling a wrongly configured kernel and installing it without a working one as backup.
3) deleting all of your /boot folder.

In fact as a non-root user you can't, maybe is you use a rolling release and have very, very bad luck you could get a bad package, but is very unlikely. And even as a root almost every problem has a solution, to brick the system you have to be a root user actively doing dangerous things, almost being self destructive.