Starting my new Side Project

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Today I started a side project. A blog where I will post about GameDev with C#.

Mainly will be focused on MonoGame, but I'll write about SFML.Net, Unity, and other C# related Game Engines and Frameworks.

I have thought to write tutorials for beginners in C# too.

Why C#?

I wrote about why c# is (one of) my favorite language and I think that is one of the best languages to start to learn programming and game dev.

I am not an expert game dev but I like to have this hobby because is funny and I learned a lot of computer graphics thanks to game dev.

I hope that you join the adventure of learning game dev with C#.

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You didn't ask but let me share with you some small tips :)

  • Write for you. If people find your blog, that's a bonus.
  • Be honest about the amount of time you can dedicate to writing.
  • Keep writing as long as you enjoy doing it

Besides, I saw C# Game Dev and it looks real great.


Thanks for your tips!

I mainly write for me, because I like C# and GameDev and I like to write about programming. (I have another blog in Spanish, that acts like my notes)

I think that I could write one post every week, but some of my posts are very long in extension so I will keep my expectations.

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