re: What is that one tool/stack/framework that you have no interest with despite the popularity? VIEW POST


Surprise: React... just because I like the fact that everything is a component that you can stack / unstack anywhere in the app like an Russian dolls. Unlike at Angular where you have to create a class and declare the component of the class in the AppModule.

Plus most of the time, users snippets / examples doesn't not work on Angular and you have scaffolding stuff (and maybe using a specific Angular version!), instead of React: copy, paste the component snippet worked !

For the backend stuff, I like also using .net / core stack for making API and user authentication via jwt auth (.net is so underrated for making moderns apps and it shouldn't... it makes it so easy to create APIs, CRUD and DB operations for example).


I find it interesting how Angular does the scaffolding built-in, I think it really helps keeping everything under the same standard and structure 👍🏻

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