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Discussion on: Send In the Imposters

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Gabi Jack

Thanks! I needed this! I've been at a company for almost 5 years now and working as a software engineer since 2013. I've been trying to work my way up to becoming a Senior Engineer, working hard, learning, doing a lot of what you're listing here, but still feeling like I'm always 3 steps behind and my hard work is never enough. My confidence has suffered, to be honest, to the point that I started wondering if I'm really an imposter, if I really have what it takes. Thank you for this post! It really helped!

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Greg Thomas Author

Hi Gabi - Looking back on my experience as a Senior Developer - I was very fortunate working at the company I was at. They valued accomplishments over years as a metric of experience for the evaluation of becoming a Senior Developer. When I think of a Senior Developer, it's that role where you don't necessarily have the answers at your fingertips, BUT you know how to find it and that's what your team needs.

I don't think the Imposter ever goes away, it should finds another way to rise up!