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Gustavo Tavares
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Release 0.3 Inter PR

Hi There,

Finally, it’s time to deliver the Release 03.
For this release we were supposed to do a Bigger External PR, an Internal PR (which was to fix bugs related to the IPC page) and some code Review on our classmate’s PRs.

What Happened to my External PR?

On day 09 of this month, I had to go under a surgery, which took me over 10 days to recover. This plus the other assignments I have made me have to choose to sacrifice something, that’s why I decided to skip my External PR.
But the good news is that I have recovered well! :D

My Internal PR

For my Internal PR, I decided to work on Issue-41, part of the Issue-18.

Basically, I choose to work on the file, which is a small file compared to my other options, but still was good enough for me to learn about front matter, admonitions and testing like Lighthouse and Webhint.

I found some typos, I fixed the readability, checked for light and dark mode and othes.

What Was Asked For Me To Review

Basically, the only thing that was asked for me to change was the front matter, I had skipped it because I was unsure and it was time to fix it.
I followed this Issue-64 to do it.


Working on my IPC notes felt great, the website I used when I did IPC144 was awful and old.
It’s great to see improvements for the future.

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