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Discussion on: Do You Want or Do You Need Windows 11?

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It seems to me incredible that if my system works perfectly on Windows 10 64bit, I understand that it is not updated an i5-750 with 12GB of RAM and a GTX970 but everything works optimally. I don't care about emulators ... I don't care a NSA-proof PC etc ... I don't care. I'm sure that Windows 11 would work well even on my PC instead I think it's a way to make us spend money, just this. I have always used Microsoft as operating system, always ... and then I can say that Windows 10 supported until 2024... this is a punch in the stomach. At this point is obvious I have to look around to other. I don't have money now... simple.

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The Sharp Ninja Author

At some point a line must be drawn in the sand about security. Microsoft is on the correct side of this issue with Win11.