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Gokulakrishnan Kalaikovan
Gokulakrishnan Kalaikovan

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How it works Javascript series 📩

Welcome to how it works. Let me first start with why I created this site.

Are you coffee/tea person? If so get one in your hand and we will continue ;).

When I started my career as a web developer, I struggled to understand how a method or a feature in Javascript works internally, for example Promise.all() or Object.create(), etc. I have been or I have asked to implement these methods in interviews.

So I created this site to learn and understand Javascript even better and to know what could be its implementation internally.

Hopefully, you will also learn as much as me via this site/newsletter.

Do reply to my emails via subscription or via comments in each post if there is a mistake or a better way to do it. Let's keep the learning and conversation going.

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