Tools I use for web development

Gokulakrishnan Kalaikovan on August 29, 2017

Why this post? As a web developer, I use a lot of tools (new & old), utilities & some tips from my discovery and from lots of pe... [Read Full]
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Great list! I'll for sure check out a lot of these suggestions!

I've found Charles to be an invaluable tool. It's an http debugging proxy that lets you remap urls to local or remote files, replay requests or sequences of requests, edit requests and replies on the fly, and a host of other nifty tools. (I've used Fiddler as well, and it's excellent.)


Hi Christopher, Thanks for your suggestion. I will check them out :)


I agree, this is a nice list. I have a question on Muzzle. How is this different than turning on Do not Disturb? I'm assuming it auto-detects that I'm sharing and prevents notifications from showing up?


Yes thats right. It will work for few apps only such as slack calls, hangouts.



I'll give a try to the Dracula theme for VSCode.
Import Cost is a glorious extension!



Yes Import Cost is an awesome extension. I use dracula theme in my vscode + in terminal which is little modified.

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