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Discussion on: I'm a Git Master, Ask Me Anything

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Jason McCreary Ask Me Anything

It sounds like your challenge isn't so much learning Git, but leveraging some of its shared aspects. For that, I would recommend finding an open source project on GitHub and try to contribute to it. This will give you the chance to use commands beyond add and commit.

For resource recommendations, see my previous comment.

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Carl Schelin

That is possible. I've picked up some of the basics from one book (Jump Start git); setting up a repo, pushing the code, and cloning. I have a pretty extensive dev type environment using scripts and rsync to be able to sync updates from my dev server to the production servers. I was trying to take my manual, and a little hacky, process and use git, gitlab, and jenkins to automate the process. The branching and team aspect is what's new to me and where I'm stuck a little. Working on this will help me be familiar with CI/CD and the development to QA to prodlab to production path.

I appreciate the link to the video site. I have a subscription to Safari Online Bookshelf. Perhaps the videos are there already :)