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1) I've recently started blogging and just relaunched my website: with an RSS feed connected to

2) I enjoy writing and sharing knowledge. It's hard to come up with ideas (or keep track of ideas when they randomly strike me). I try to write for 30 minutes to an hour most mornings.

3) I've been making a conscious effort to write more at work (more articles for the internal newsletter, more documentation and release notes for my projects). I don't have any concrete results, but it I feel like I'm getting more recognition from my peers for the work I do.

4) I use GitHub pages and jekyll for all my websites (with my own domain name of course). My site is currently highlights my CV, but I'd like to make a better, less formal splash page which highlights my blog and open source projects.

5) I follow a ton of blogs through RSS (using My favorite programming/developer blog is from Cate at

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