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Native UI vs. Platform-independent UI

Matthew D. Miller
I'm a DBA by day and a youth pastor by night. I love Perl.
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I'm working on porting my Racket GUI example to LambdaNative to learn more about LambdaNative. The differences between Racket (which uses native widgets) and LambdaNative (which uses OpenGL to draw its own widgets) got me thinking about the different approaches to cross-platform UI.

Are there circumstances where it's OK to use platform-independent UI or platform-independent UI is even preferred? For example, commercial DSP plugins almost always use highly stylized, completely custom UIs. Are there circumstances where you'll only use an app if it has a native UI? If you use a GTK desktop environment (like GNOME, MATE, or XFCE), do you cringe when you have to use a KDE app (or vice versa)?

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