Things you should do when running Wi-Fi speed checks

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Things you should do when running Wi-Fi speed checks
It’s necessary to perform speed check on your Wi-Fi connection to see how fast it is and whether it’s enough for you to engage in online activities. But just running the tests is not enough. You need to run them the right way so that you will get more accurate results that correctly reflect your current connection performance. Right below here are a few things you should do when testing your Wi-Fi connection. Let’s see what they are now!

It’s necessary to perform speed checks on your Wi-Fi connection to see how fast it is
Run the Wi-Fi speed check multiple times
There are always different factors affecting your Wi-Fi speed test results’ accuracy such as the number of devices connected to the network, the distance between you and the router, physical obstacles, the peak hours, the wireless interference, and many others. Testing your connection for just 1 time seems never enough for you to get a complete measurement of your Wi-Fi speed. That is the reason why you need to run multiple tests, just a single speed check is not enough for sure.
Make sure that unnecessary programs are all closed on the test device while testing speed
One of the common issues that a lot of us often ignore when testing internet connection speed is bandwidth consumption taking place on the test device. For example, heavy use like Netflix streaming, playing online games during your speed check will negatively affect your speed test results for sure. Even in case you aren’t running obvious bandwidth-consuming applications, there are chances that other applications are using your internet connection without you even noticing it. Therefore, you need to make sure that there’s no unnecessary programs or applications running on the background of your test device itself while you’re performing the test.
Running the test at different hours of the day
Your internet service likely works better at off-peak times than at peak hours of the day. When it comes to peak times, such as on a Saturday evening when a lot of us are watching Netflix, for example, we might experience a slower connection than usual. So, if you run speed checks only at peak hours or during busy periods, the speed results will seem lower that does not fully reflect the speed of your connection. Because of that, you need to run the test at different times of the day, at both peak and non-peak hours, and then compare the speed results you get to see the differences. In case you want to measure your full Wi-Fi speed, then you should run speed tests at off-peak times.

Wi-Fi signals can be interfered with or even blocked by walls, building materials, any physical obstacles, ...
Running test when your position is far away from the router
Do you know that the Wi-Fi signal is strong in some areas in your house but weak in some others in your house? In fact, this wireless connection is interfered with or even blocked by walls, building materials, and any physical obstacles as well. That is the reason why the place where you run your Wi-Fi speed tests hugely affects the speed results you will get.
Performing speed checks in rooms or places that are located far away from your router results in lower speed results than they should be. Hence, it’s so hard to accurately measure the actual speed of your connection if your test device and the router are too far away from each other. In fact, the nearer you’re to your router, the stronger the Wi-Fi signal will be. So, if you want to fully measure the speed of your Wi-Fi connection, you should perform the tests in the same location as your wireless router.
Bottom line
Above are a few things that you should do when performing Wi-Fi speed checks. Along with all the things mentioned above, there are also other factors you should take into account to ensure the accuracy of the speed tests such as rebooting the test device and the router before checking the connection speed, or running the tests using newer test devices instead of older ones, and more. In the end, really hope that you found this article and the information that it provided interesting and helpful.
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