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PT|EN. Carioca software writer, amateur musician, football fanatic. Grande apreciador de batidas de limão. Warning: lots of swearing in Portuguese @ twitter.


Software Writer

#showdevHarmonica Tabs Converter

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#showdevTananã devlog #2

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#explainlikeimfiveCan I use license zero without registering?

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#discussOn average, how many assertions/tests per endpoint do you have in your app?

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#discussICE, Github, Tech & Politics

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#showdevTananã devlog #1

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#discussWhat's the worst question to be asked?

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#todayilearnedTIL: Symbols can be used to override for..of in Javascript

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#discussEvery dev I know has at least one story like this. Do you?

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#showdevNice little shuffle effect in HTML

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Ordenação de Arrays em Javascript

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Causo: streamings, node, nuvem e busca binária

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O que é Web Assembly?

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