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Discussion on: 50 Projects in 50 Days, 5/5 there! 🌻

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Congratulations on completing the challenge! Glad to see you used the triple backticks rather than screenshots in this article!

So what is next on the challenge list?

If you want an unsolicited suggestion, creating a writing plan and write, I have been enjoying putting a writing plan together and putting out some silly posts and I think it really helps you learn faster!

Anyway, congratulations once again, from sunny 😲 Preston!

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Chiara Mapelli Author

Thank you so much 🤩
Yes, getting there with all the back ticks, next time I'll use JSFiddle.
I am on annual leave at the moment as I change jobs, so I have been working with Next.js and will start GraphQL really soon, sooooo I suppose it will be a JavaScript kinda of party month 👌🏻
Thank you, I will check it out.

Greetings from sunny (for real), Italy 🇮🇹