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What Open Source projects are you working on today?

grant_bartlett profile image Grant ・1 min read

No matter how small, tell us what you're working on! πŸ˜ƒ

For me, one of my highest priorities now is to get more involved with contributing to open source projects (React and TypeScript). If anyone also has any tips on diving in please shout.❀️

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wagslane profile image
Lane Wagner

Building with a couple other contributers right now. It's an open source password manager with a couple unique features. We are using Vue and Electron. Everyone is welcome to help!

vimmer9 profile image
Damir Franusic

nDPI and Wireshark...not really today πŸ˜‰ but in general

humrochagf profile image
Humberto Rocha

A wrapper for reveal.js written in Python that provides a local server to create slide presentation using markdown. The project is called revelation

maciekgrzybek profile image
Maciek Grzybek

Movo.js, my own library for animating elements coming into the viewport.

sergix profile image
Peyton McGinnis

Trying to see how I can help out in Boostnote.