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Yikes, those partners...

  • Visa and MasterCard, so you can borrow Libra for 25% APR
  • PayPal, so each transaction has a 3% fee
  • Facebook, so all the other partners will have full access to all data, which'll eventually be leaked 😏


What's wrong with government ? Last time I checked they were the place where you could have even a modicum of democratic control. Unlike corporations. Those people are sick.


That didn't really hit me, but it's true. That does seem to be where the future's headed...

Even that image looks like kind of United Nations-esque.

The un.

They better remove that target off my planet from their logo or when I finish commenting I'll..........tweet. 😑

Looks like canola land is right in the middle there B. πŸ‘€


When I was a child, I was offered a book on futurism, one chapter about money already said "in the future big corporates will create their own currencies" so fastforward to the now future, they were right or were they already programming that idea in the brain of the next generation ;)

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