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I like the idea of automating your life. That shower idea is great - most of us wouldn't think to do it. I sometimes scribble down a note when it hits me that some process is becoming a thorn in my side, and then I'll try to solve it later.

Like the online bookmark service I use which doesn't sync to your browser - I realized there were some bookmarks that I was constantly looking up, so I wrote a chrome plugin that syncs everything under specific "tags" to the local bookmarks bar. It pushed me to learn more about javascript, creating extensions and submitting to the chrome store - and I got to write a few blog posts about something new (to me, anyway 🙂).


Great stuff Grant! Cool project too!

I also automated my life with a chrome extension project recently... (a little less serious than yours, perhaps :P)


It was a lot of fun to make!

All 👏 programming 👏 should 👏 be 👏 this 👏 fun 👏

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