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Discussion on: How you turn a string into a number (or vice versa) with Dart

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Jermaine Oppong

from experience, I need to get a definition file in order the use them in TS in a meaningful way. How does this compare?

Similarly, a definition file is needed to use JS libraries in Dart. You can create one yourself with little effort. Furthermore, you can use this tool developed by the Dart team to convert TS definitions to Dart.

Is there a reason to consider Dart over TS?

Dart and TypeScript are both attempts to address the shortcomings of native JavaScript. I would consider Dart especially in the area of mobile app development with Flutter. Dart can be compiled to native ARM code, which is good for performance.

The pull with Dart here is the tooling and utilities that come with it, not just the language. I find with TypeScript that one can fall into the trap of writing code that looks too much like C# than JS, which tells me Dart may have been the right approach, implementing conventions that programmers use and love without being bound to the constraints of JavaScript.

What is the coverage for the JavaScript library ecosystem in pub, have you had to make decisions based on what is in the pub repo.

Haven't got any numbers on that one I'm afraid. There are Dart packages that act as wrappers over JS libs, using the js interop package I covered in my tutorial. I found examples like Google Maps and ChartJS, although you can make your own using the tools provided.

Thanks for your questions. I'm up for suggestions on any future topics you wish for me to cover. Message me on Twitter 🐦.