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Discussion on: Stop Using React

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Alex Boutin

I'm part of 2 poeple:

1. I think it always depend on what you do.

Of course if you build a static website, you're not going to use React (or Angular, or VUE or Rails, etc.) just like you wouldn't cut a tree with a sheet of paper. Because it's inefficient.

There are lots of way to deliver fast Web App with a JS framework that will be useful for users. You wouldn't put a CMS that handle Big Data for use with a Galaxy S3 on a 2G network, because again: its inefficient. (The whole topic of poeple still using 2G is another discussion, point is, there is a limit to backward compatibility.)

2. Its good to not like something and start a discussion, but what do you propose as an alternative? Complaining for the sake of complaining is not a discussion and I think your writing skill would improve with that.

Anyway, that's my take on this

P. S.
Even tough I do use React and Angular for work, I have a profound hate for how they pack heavy files and create pages that are slow, but I usually try to find other solutions anyway to create something robust.

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