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Discussion on: What are the big differences between working for a "tech company" and being a dev for a "non-tech company"

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Haris Secic

Worst thing for me right now, in non-tech, is the feeling of all your work and effort being underestimated. They think everything is a push of a button, few keystrokes away. Yesterday some were shocked when they realised how much work just 1 simple piece requires. They behave like a startup while having enterprise requirements.
Also you get to be "smartest guy in the room" too much time - in terms of your job/career. So there's no space to learn from others you just work.
This finnaly boils down to the fact that I think I'm degrading professionally.

On the other hand it's much more satisfying to see the purpose of the software and be directly involved with solving real world issues by thinking not by tasks in Jira or patterns. You feel more useful, at least that's my case