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Discussion on: 5% privilege tax for working remotely?

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Haris Secic

I'm not a philosoher I'm a simple man so I don't think too much. You can help by giving more. Do it or reject it. Vote it out if required but I don't buy those long explenations about how it's hidden agenda or not well planned or so. I look at what's happening here in nordics and elswhere. They also have problems it's not perfect of course. And it looks like they're leaning more and more towards hard capitalism because a lot of people got to confortable not worrying. But comparing it to others I'll pay my dues to keep the system running as long as possible. You either defend your income or you don't belive it will be properly regulated, in other words, you don't trust your goverment if you need to fight this. I belive if it was introduced in nordics, Germany, Singapore, South Korea, Japan and such it would be good enough. Reason is that these countries are not to much in the headlines fot coruption.

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🦄N B🛡

Yeah. Ya can't trust most of the "-isms."