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Discussion on: Time to stop using REST...

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Haris Secic

As many mentioned it's quite wrong assumption. REST has probably been adopted as it fits way better in those use cases than any other model in many client-server communication. Just because Facebook required more and then people found it easier in their use cases doesn't make GraphQL better just different. POST-ing constantly and mutating can be an extreme waste of network traffic and processing power if most clients require quite the same data (extra one-two fields are really not important) which has been frequent in my case - example REST would have no data just GET and all clients use most of the stuff from the DTO. If you build internally stuff and have no intention of exposing API-s how much chance you have of having different requirements per resource? Usually smartphone apps and web use either same data or different resources which is, well resource, so different endpoint. And talking about different architecture using gRPC - we had SOAP didn't go well. Try to pick the right tool for the job and other tools won't look so bad.