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Discussion on: How did you get your first software developer job?

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Haris Secic

I finished exams in the beginning of 2012 and got my bachelor thesis topic to write about. Was pretty slow so in September my parents visited their friends who told that some guy was looking for a PHP developer. So i started working with him and another guy. After a year I went Java in big-ish company. Changed a lot of companies and in 2017 i got email telling me my grades will be revoked and I'll have to wite that thesis ASAP to get a degree. Did it fast, got degree, changed 2 more jobs, and now I'm in Sweden and my degree doesn't mean much. However keep that in mind, I dragged it too much because I thought ohh I'll do it later. So if you can't sacrifice 100% of your time for work and for finishing college, my advice, sacrifice 50%, finish up fast, then put 80% to be good at at job. Or if you like your friends and family put in 8 hours and let it go (pun intended). If you just do what you're required then it's just OK, but if you put in a lot of effort maybe some day it pays off big time... Or it doesn't. I'm not kidding sometimes it doesn't matter how good you are but how fast you build and escape the sinking ship.

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Christopher Wray Author

Haris, I really appreciate reading your story and advice. Thank you! I hope I can stay focused on school. It can be a bit boring at times when a lot of the material I already know, but it is a big priority right now.