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Discussion on: I feel like the quality of posts in Dev is deteriorating

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Haris Secic

I get your point. I also love it that it's happening. A lot of people have posts I disagree with and I still jump in some of those discussions. Why? Well even tho it might be pointless in someones mind I like to push people until they either see their mistake or until I learn something from them. If I see the it going the wrong way I just give up (except in recent case about 5% taxation for remote work where I probably should've just let it go but I had to take a break from actual work and "enjoy" non-it discussion).

Best thing, unlike stackoverflow you can't down-vote someone until they loose the right to write, post questions, whatever. And I realllly love it. And I really respect them "forcing others" to give spaces to juniors or anyone who might copy paste or put in yet another JS post to self promote or simply just because they can and want to do such things.

I know I do get bored seeing "this vs that" or "this is dead" (like recent REST hate posts in favour of GraphQL) but in such cases you as a senior (so anyone that has more experience than the post writer whatever that may be) are responsible to put in 1 single comment if others have not done it before and tell the less experienced ones "you're quite wrong because of these reasons". If that person starts going in recursion about x and y not actually reading previous stuff then you have the option to simply scroll and ignore.

Again, I do get it, you want more quality overall and it's getting clogged, but still much better than SO toxic community. And at least these guys don't use too much data to "provide best service possible so they have to know your grandmothers address" - or so :D