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re: So it is not really "developing in windows", but "developing in Linux in Windows". I don't get it. Distros like Ubuntu easier to understand than m...

For me it's matter of drivers. Graphic drivers still suck for me on GNU/Linux any distro I tried. I currently ended up with Manjaro but my laptop has switch-able graphics and Intel one that's only one being used by my distro as I don't do any graphics related stuff shows weird lines in terminal which appear and disappear while I type or click on terminal.

I still prefer it to develop than WSL as it's much easier for me to use any distro to develop than Windows much less overhead when setting up stuff and getting tools ready but when I wan't to just browse, read, watch films online I switch to Windows because of "eyes" experience. Some tools work poorly with scaling on Manjaro KDE (popups are not visible, fonts are to tiny as they are not being scaled etc.) but then again Windows blurs some stuff. If I didn't think MacBooks prices where blown out of proportion I would consider buying it.


I will agree that heavy graphic computing is not something I would develop on Linux, but that is really just a small part of the programming world. Most of the programming does not need advanced graphic and the Propietary drivers are more than enough

Not what I was pointing out. Simple daily usage of GNU/Linux is pain when you get all sorts of lines across terminal just for clicking on it or typing a command. Even watching video or some KDE animations when bringing up start menu have some hiccups. On the other hand WSL has some issues with tools for development. This has nothing to do with "small part" this is actually the huge part of programming world and why a lot of devs now use mac.

I have not experienced such issues in the past 7 years. Something is not normal if that happens to you. If you'd like help about it, please feel free to contact me, I'd be happy to help you if I can.

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