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Discussion on: Crawling Glassdoor

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Haris Secic

Kotlin could be just temp solutions as Dart and Flutter are more focused on if you take a look at Fuchsia OS and consider that many people like to do cross-platform not just Android as customers expect both products and it's easier (requires less money from the employers) to develop in 1 technology. Kotlin did not manage to provide good enough replacement for services although people still switch to it because it's the hype.

Recently wrote article about JVM stuff and indexes on such ranking pages. Thing is Groovy was niche and Kotlin was talked about too much but this month Groovy climbed to #20 place from #68 last year and still is today (30.4.2019) above Kotlin. It was a quick jump if you check the history. Kotlin is still 35th.

Hyped technologies usually go away as quick as they come. Remember Node.js - people still use it but no one thinks it's gona replace Java or C# as before. It may in the future but there's less and less people thinking so.

FP was the boom recently also but many developers refuse to switch to it and this is one of the reasons people also talked about Kotlin. But hey for FP on JVM do you need another language or is Scala good enough? Pure FP people say Scala is not FP enough because it supports other stuff to. Well guess what people care about easy to do in and quick to do in and easy to understand. Not a lot people care about math and so not a lot people care about next cool language. They know some stuff they work in it and are proven to create good things in it while their employers care only about market feedback and why would they wait for them to learn another tech or switch to people that know it already but have no proven quality products behind them.

It's a matter of money I think.