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Yes. After first job which was remote and more like freelancing I thought if I apply to company and get in that's the best way to learn and become expert. Code quality was horrible. Deadlines were "yesterday" so everyone worried about deadlines and not quality as it required more time to change the structure than to just patch the stuff. A lot of overtime at the end and no way to get more money unless you get different degree of diploma like if you're bsc you need msc or even msc -> phd. I just quit hating the job hating every morning I woke up and had to work and had to work 3 months if I quit so I said I better quit now then look for another job because no one will wait for me 3 months. Luckily got the offer month after that and this company which I was quitting hired 2 new juniors and gave me option to leave after 2 months of notice period.

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