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re: I'm really close to doing so. Some day, I'm going to make an amazing manager because I have seen every possible combinatorial of what NOT to do. I ...

And it is. In 6 years of work I've changed 11 clients/companies (freelancing about 2-3 of those and rest fulltime jobs). Each had their own problems but ones mutual. There's always a thing/girl/guy that thinks You're(development team or part of it) stupid or a child at least that's how they treat you. And in big companies it's always someone from inside. Small teams or companies can get well together but then you'll probably end up with at least 1 arrogant client. You can't escape people if you wish to earn money but at least try to find a team which will be a good fit. But not to stay too negative there's also amazing people out there and maybe there's just a couple of workplaces where this fairly tale is actually true.


There is hope indeed! Since writing this, I have managed to become a team lead. Still figuring out how to do this whole management thing, but now I get to help set the rules and contribute to an inclusive culture. It's consulting though, so clients are definitely going to be the challenge.

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