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Discussion on: Java is Dead - Long Live Java

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Haris Secic

Well, one of the worst things I ever tried was Visual Studio. Constant lock downs, slow downs, slow detection od writing and such. Live code was interesting thing but it's just too heavy. I get that people use a lot of stuff from it but for us where text/code is more important than features yet we still like smart code suggestions and smart search IntelliJ benefits more as VS does tend to slow down quite frequently or even freeze.

Btw I did use 2017 and 2019 version recently so it's not the issue with old versions. I'm not saying it's bad just that it got me frustrated MORE times than IntelliJ did (meaning intellij gets me also but everything does so its quantity that matters). VS Code on the other hand was great (of course even this one crashes or freezes but rarely happened to me). The only reason I'm not switching to Code is IntelliJ's smart code suggestions and cleanups.

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Jan Wedel Author

Yeah, sometimes I also get frustrated about IntelliJ but then I’ll check the task Manager and find out that my company virus scan is slowing everything down to a point where even auto completion takes 10s 😞