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Discussion on: Computer Science vs Software Engineering

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Haris Secic • Edited

Would argue that software engineering is just software development. There's no engineering in following other peoples thoughts and rules while having billions of other ways to do it. You don't need mathematics or physics to do it. Many developers don't care about mathematics theory about solution they just do it and in many cases get real world solutions to put in computers thus programmers or translators in some sense

CS on the other hand is science based so it could be computer engineering. You need to know hardware limitations and how it works to develop new solutions which might require strong knowelwdge of mathematics, physics or other. You can also end up knowing all that and still just write APIs, smartphone apps, or frontend

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Michael Z

I agree. Devs should focus more on clarity when writing code, hence why I like the term software writer (around 45 minutes in).

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