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Discussion on: When Should You Actually Move On To The Next Project?

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Greg Thomas

I generally look at projects from two perspectives - am I doing this because I want to learn something? If yes, have I hit all the check marks I wanted to hit? If yes, then it's time to move onto the next project and try something different.

My mindset changes if the project is something I want to publish or have people use. What I find useful is walking through everything I need to get it there and working exclusively from that list. When I have a new idea on something I should add to it, I put it into my backlog for the second release - if the project gets traction, I'll ressurect them.

When I had to ship a product by myself a number of years ago, this was what I did to help me get the first release out the door. Up until that point, I had just kept adding and tweaking, obsessing over every little detail. If I had been in a team environment, many of those bugs and features would have been dropped to the bottom of the pile.