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Discussion on: When to write a blog post

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Greg Thomas

When I have that - "Oh cool, moment" - I write it down, whatever it is, I try to record it. Right now I have used Google Keep because it is near me - and too be honest, I'm trying to limit all my notetaking apps. When I review that it goes into something a little more organized where I break out the idea further.

I personally don't write a lot of articles based on science or research but sometimes have to look at what I'm saying on frameworks isn't just what I want to say or is my experience but is actually something it does!

I try to get idea to published in a month, if not, it was just a passing idea.

Good luck - sounds like a solid approach.

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miku86 Author

Hey Greg,

thanks for your input!
I'm currently fiddling around with it, so I will see, how this goes.