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Discussion on: 3 types of people in software development without skin in the game

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Greg Thomas

This is a very good article, especially the pieces on non-coding architects (scary) and non-tech agile coaches.

Years ago, someone told me that you can tell when someone is running a company to sell vs when they are in it to run it. I find this with Dev Managers/Directors who are looking to leave for other opportunities. They will be bringing in lots of changes and opportunities, new processes all at once with the goal to make the team "look" good where in fact the team isn't truly doing all those things. It doesn't make the team look good but temporarily can do so for the manager/director.

It's like bringing in the $5K coffee machine, it's cute for a bit, but a quick fix.

Whereas a committed manager, knows you can't bring in all these changes all at once because it will stifle the team and they are in it for long term growth and development.

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Sandor Dargo Author

Thanks for your kind words, Greg!

True, and these managers have one more ace in their hands, change the name of the team early on!