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How To Build a Great Team

Greg Thomas
I write a lot of code. I've also written a book on developers becoming leaders/managers called Code Your Way Up.
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I put together this deck a few years ago on Slideshare but not sure how many people are still using Slideshare so made it available here

It's not a long deck.

The concept was pretty simple when it comes to leading a team;

  • Focus on building a great team, people build products (no one ever thanked the process at the release party).
  • Leadership comes in all forms and if you're running your team right, each will rise when the moment is appropriate.
  • Don't overcomplicate, keep it simple and you'll be on your way.

And who do you need on your team? Someone to break the builds, someone to code when you need it yesterday, someone who always has their eye on tomorrow, someone who maintains the steady-state and someone who keeps the group on point.

I wrote a book Code Your Way Up, you can get it on Amazon. I also tweet stuff on Twitter.

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Doaa Mahely

That's an awesome and fun slideshow!