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Discussion on: What's your favorite payment API?

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Gregory Witek

I've used a couple of global gateways on top of the mentioned ones:

  • Adyen ( - they power some big brands like Uber or Spotify; they have good documentation and support a lot of payment methods (I used them because Stripe did not offer some types of credit cards fro non-US companies at that time)

  • Braintree - they have pretty intuitive API and I enjoyed implementing it (it was a couple years back though); on the other hand they belong to Paypal, and if you've ever had problems with Paypal practices, you can expect the same

I think if I could choose the API purely on the developer experience, Stripe would win. However usually costs and support for regional payment methods are more important, so I only have a chance to make a decision when it's for my own projects ;)